Friday, December 11, 2015

Peyton Manning is not who you think he is

How is this not a bigger story?

Here's a link to an actual acticle by an actual professional, it's not wikipedia, it's not some crazed Patriot fan's website, it's USA Today:

Peyton Manning accused of sexual assault, costs University of Tennessee, and then himself, a lot of money, because he's an asshole.

Ok, so I took some liberties with the headline, I think mine is better.

He's the jist of it; Manning is the superstud quarterback son NFL legend Archie Manning. He lands at Tennessee, makes them relevant in the SEC, and then, while being examined for a stress fracture by a female athletic trainer, takes the opportunity to stick his ass, balls, taint, and everything else in her face and rub it all into her face until she can push away.

Great guy. Are you hearing this story Nationwide Insurance? How about you, Papa John? This is your golden boy we're talking about.

Ok, so he's a dumb college guy, and his college pays the lady a lot of money to go away. She does. She becomes successful at another college. Manning becomes successful in the NFL and writes a book to show he's successful as a man also.

The problem- if you're writing a book about what a great person you are and there's this giant splotch on your record showing a time when you were wiping your ass on the face of someone trying to help you, then you need to either abandon the "I'm a great person" angle in your book (best option) or, plan B, smear the woman who you made smell your butthole.

Peyton went with "Let's smear this woman" and the spoiled millionaire screwed this woman's life up again. Fortunately, she's smart and knows how to hire lawyers and she sued Manning for defamation.

best part- he tried to drag the person he was allegedly mooning into his fight;

The court record includes a letter to Manning from former Tennessee cross country runner Malcolm Saxon, who Manning said was the intended target of the mooning. Written in December 2002, the letter reads, in part: "Bro, you have tons of class, but you have shown no mercy or grace to this lady who was on her knees seeing if you had a stress fracture. ...
"She was minding her own business when your book came out. Peyton, the way I see it, at this point, you are going to take a hit either way, if you settle out of court or if it goes to court. You might as well maintain some dignity and admit to what happened. ... Your celebrity doesn't mean you can treat folks that way. ... Do the right thing here.

According to something I read yesterday and haven't bothered to look up today, he did this a third time, talking trash about the woman his victimized in some puff piece ESPN was writing about him, and hopefully had to pay big for that too.

So, how do you like your blue eyed boy now?  

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